If you have any questions about what you need, we hope these FAQ’s will help. Of course we will gladly answer any questions to help you make a good decision.

Helpful Answers

Custom Sessions

Do you offer full resolution prints in a digital format?

With every custom session we deliver selected web quality digital files for sharing. We offer the ability to purchase individual full resolution digital files and this can be decided when we create your order.

Do you offer online galleries to order from?

No, we do not. The reason we prefer to help you order your images in person is because it removes the confusion and ensures you get the best prints of the photos you want. We can help with cropping, comparing, and deciding on the best image for frames and wall space. We take the guess work out of the process and in the end you will love us for this service and enjoy your photos for a very long time.

How does scheduling work?

Contact us and we will pick a date for the photo shoot and then a time to meet to talk about what you want and work out the details. The session fee is due at the time of our meeting to reserve your date. And, don’t worry if something happens at the time we have scheduled — we are flexible and will take care of you.

Why do you meet with us before and after a session?

The best way to get great photos is to enjoy the process and meeting in person always helps. The greatest thing we can offer besides our work is our time and effort to make sure your session is a great experience and the prints you order are done in such a way so you can get the most enjoyment for many years to come.

How long does a session take?

On average we will spend about an hour and a half or so with you. This does not mean we will be shooting the entire time — smiling that much will give you a headache. This time includes making sure everyone is comfortable, equipment set up, location changes, clothing changes and breaks as needed.

Will you use our photos for marketing?

I am thankful that most of my clients have given me permission to use their photos for my business. We will not use a photo of you without your permission and we will never use it to sell.

What happens after our session?

Within a week of your session, we will send you a personal gallery so you can preview the images and pick your favorites. You will have three weeks to set up an appointment so we can review the images and place an order.

How can I remember all the details?

Trust us. We want you to enjoy your photo shoot and all the details will be taken care of before we begin. Contact us and we can start a conversation.

What kind of products do you offer?

There is a wide variety of options. Once you select your favorite photos we can decide what is best for hanging them in your home and sharing them with others. We do not make you pick from a collection.


What locations do you shoot at?

We shoot in places that are memorable to you or just some place you really like. Your house, the family farm or some place in town. Whatever is fitting and makes it enjoyable. You can even show us examples of what you like and we can accommodate.

Can we choose multiple locations?

Absolutely. Usually two locations can accomplish what you want but we can plan this when we meet and prepare for the shoot. This is another reason we meet ahead of time because location is really important.

Do you make use of props?

We do not bring or rely on props. If you have a special request for something meaningful — a family heirloom, a child’s favorite toy or something fitting for a senior portrait — then of course you can have it as part of the photo. Simple and clean is always best.

What kind of clothing is best?

Stay away from big logos and busy patterns. Colors are great. Bringing options are always welcomed. If you are part of a group or family then coordinating is something to consider.

What about hair and make-up?

Nothing better than a fresh haircut. Guys should probably get one a few days before the session so it does not look like you just stepped out of the barber’s chair. Girls should do what is best for the way you like your hair. Wear your make up how you like it and bring it with you so you can freshen up. If you want a hair and make-up artist at your photo shoot, we can provide that for you.

What really matters on clothing and location?

All of it matters yet the most important thing is that you enjoy the photo shoot, love the photos and feel good and confident about it. Schedule your photo shoot today so we can help.

Photographer and Gear

Are you the right photographer for me?

Not sure. We do not approach our work in a rushed or just get it done attitude. We give everything we’ve got to make sure you get the best experience and quality product. If you are looking for inexpensive or something quick and easy we are probably not what you are looking for. Try us and see if we can do what you need.

Do you photograph anything else?

We do commercial work for small business and corporations. Other than personal portraits we also do professional headshots for use in business. I usually shoot two or three weddings a year depending on the circumstances.

What is your speciality?

People and Pet Portrait photography is our absolute favorite thing to do. It is hard to beat the joy a portraits brings. Whether its your favorite human or favorite pet having a printed photo make life great.

What kind of gear do you use?

We use Canon cameras and lenses. We use natural light when possible but when needed we use Profoto for our lighting and edit using Apple and Abobe products. Our photos are printed at professional labs.

Do you do video work?

We shoot a lot of video work and it ranges from small business to corporate work.

How long have you been a photographer?

I got my first camera when I was sixteen and I have been making a living at it since 2004.