The Barber Shop

The magic of going into a small town barbershop on main street in Prairie Grove, Arkansas is a wonderful mystery to me — it is life most simplified. It strips away all the digital noise we live in and allows room for humanity to step in. Talking with Easton, the Barber and the other patrons waiting in the chairs to get their $9 haircut is a welcomed break in a chaotic pace of life.

A brief history* (the best Easton could remember) about Jack’s Barber Shop:

The Barber shop opened in the 1900’s with Ben Wilson being the original owner. Jack McClellan was the Barber from 1950-1970. His son, Eddie, was the Barber from 1970-2014.

Now, Easton Mathias is the Barber and he started cutting hair in 2014.  Easton is a lifelong Prairie Grove resident.  He loves to hunt and fish and has a friendly dog named Bob. Haircuts are $9 and I am pretty sure the decor is original.  Everything you want in a local small town barber is here and it is my favorite thing to experience. Go get a haircut and say hi to Bob.

Thanks Easton for the great haircuts and conversations.

* If anyone has more historical facts and even some old photos, it would be fun to add to this blog post, please let me know in the comments.

The information below was found after writing this and it was taken from a document written December 15, 2012 by Rachel Silva with the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program.

- Jack’s Barber Shop—There was a barber shop & dry cleaners here by 1913, and I think this is the same building but with a 1950s-60s Roman brick facade. This was home to Ben Wilson’s barber shop, and in 1950 it was sold to Jack McClelland. Jack worked here as a barber until 1966, when he sold to his son, Eddie.


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